Monday, November 9, 2009

Exploring Decoupage

(click photo to appreciate detail)
Decoupage is the creative art of decorating an object by assembling and pasting paper cutouts and other decorative items onto it and then sealing it with multiple coats of glaze or varnish to simulate a painting or inlay work.

Decoupage on Glass

The moment I became fond of decoupage, I instantly vowed to create one. Here’s sharing you my very first decoupage on glass project.

Using decorative recycled glass bottles and jars is a very attractive way to display flowers or to store dry goods and since I have stacks of emptied peanut butter glass containers, I thought of decorating a set by using decoupage. I used pressed rose petals (I once passed by a flower shop as they were about to throw a basket of loose petals. I asked for it instead knowing I would use it for future projects. So glad I got it for free!). After attaching the roses, I then covered the rest of the empty spaces with fibrous handmade paper. Some of the fibers overlapped with the petals which created a somewhat crackle effect. I sealed it with glue then coated it with about ten layers of Valspar clear gloss varnish making sure each layer dried before applying the next. In the photograph they seem to have a rough surface (due to the paper fiber) but in reality the glasses do have a super smooth finish. Since I have decoupage it on the surface, the glass may be used as a vase filled with water and perhaps as a functional drinking glass. Just make sure not to submerge in water , wiping with clean damp cloth will do.

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