Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fern Botanical Leaf Box - Classic Decoupage

(Decoupaged with leaf-themed wallpaper)

One of my previous posts discussed ideas of designing using pressed ferns and flowers. Plain items can be given life by adorning them with natural designs.

I press ferns and flowers myself so they come in handy when I need them. I use them in various projects big or small. Small fronds end up in glass pendants and other accessories. I mount ferns on handmade paper to serve as gift tags (lovely Christmas tree tags) .All just waiting to be attached to Christmas gifts come December.

Our DIY project today is to make a storage or gift box using decoupage technique.

(Real pressed ferns rest on a light green wall paper background)

We will be needing:

A square box (paper mache, wood or cardboard)
Wallpaper with leaf design
Pressed ferns
Decoupage Glue
Clear Gloss Varnish

First step is to decoupage the box with wall paper. Cover the entire sides bottom and lid with paper cut outs. Brush decoupage glue all over. Let dry.

Select the ferns to use. In this project, use six pieces, one for each side and two fronds on top. All you have to do is to stick the fern fronds to the surface using decoupage glue or spray adhesive.

Other botanical such as pressed flowers may be added but I chose to use all green for this project.

Once dried, lacquer over the whole thing to seal. Let dry

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