Thursday, December 10, 2009

Handmade Decoupage Bangles: My Atlas Collection

Looking for chic jewelry pieces to adorn your wrists or planning to give away one of a kind gifts to friends this holiday season? Why not whip up some recycled decoupaged bangles which are vintage, green, fun and one of a kind!

This collection ofAtlas Bangles is for travelers and for daydreamers too…who journey in their mind (why not?).These bangles are wearable souvenirs from your travels while you dream of places yet to be discovered.

I create my bangles by using designs on a plastic, lucite, resin or wood bangles with the decoupage technique. The bangles available are 1.2" wide and 2.5"across to fit the wrist - a basic bangle size which fits most med size wrists. I use generous coats of decoupage glue and seal them with several coats of clear gloss varnish for added shine and durability. (Waterproof but don’t go swimming with them) Each bangle is entirely different and yet very similar in comparison.

For this project I used chunky plastic bangles as base. The maps are from the Atlas section of a 1948 Encyclopedia The colors and fonts are absolutely fabulous- perfect for us who love vintage images.

I left some creases and seams noticeable because I wanted to lend a bit of 3D to the design. They simulate mountain peaks and waves and I love it. The surface of the bangles are smooth though, the creases are slightly sanded then covered with several coats of varnish making them look inlaid.


Ira Mency said...

I love your blog and your art is amazing. So glad you are a member of our team. The blog looks great!

Steph said...

Those. Are. Amazing.

YanniCreations said...

Thank you Ira and Steph. Glad to have you around.

Annabelle said...

Very cool bangles. I love it when maps are used as art. Great job.

CathyH said...

I love seeing how you make your art, really cool!