Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vintage Book Pages Series: Décor and Accessories

Just a little background about the book I found. The play Martin Lehnhardt was written by Flaischlen, Cäsar (Stuttgart, 1864-1920, Gundelsheim/Neckar), Flaischlen wrote it in 1890 but the book I bought was published in 1919. The spine was torn and the pages were falling apart when I found it tucked in a stack of vintage books . The price was so cheap I couldn’t resist buying it and besides, I already loved it at first glance. The book is written in German and in MEDIEVAL GOTHIC…I loved everything about it, the antiqued/aged color, the font, the border and the cover…just Perfect!

I will be making all sorts of crafty items from this book but let’s start with bangles. All of my designs are handmade and as much as possible from recycled materials. I use different kinds of bangles and different materials for decoupage but we will be using plastic bangles and vintage book pages this time.

This bracelet has been coated in a sealer for shine and to make it water resistant. It is slightly waterproof so don’t go showering or swimming with it on. The bangle is 1.2” wide and measures 2 1/2" and fits med sized wrists.

This can be a great gift for a writer friend or anybody who loves books…books and books. Wear it to add zing to your wardrobe!

(The other bracelet is decoupaged with Papemelroti's Drama design.)


kim* said...

lovin your upcycle stuff! very cool bowl

YanniCreations said...

Thank you Kim.

Anonymous said...

what a fun post! orange juice bottles - how clever.