Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Create Recycled Bangles Using Fabrics, Quilt Patterns, Turkish Rug Patterns and Maps

If you are a recycling enthusiast who keeps scouting for brilliant crafty ideas, then this project is fit for you. Ever thought of incorporating fabrics into jewelry? In this case- Bangles The idea of crossing over is just cool. If you don’t have scrap fabrics available but have photos or patterns of quilts and rugs, they too can make great results. I included one item with a map design to create variety.

All we need are empty packing tape rolls or any kind of tape rolls. Any size will do but the chunkier the better. The motifs will be more visible if they are bigger. If I should have held on better with used packing tapes, then I could have more designs to share- oh well, a fine good reason to start saving those cardboard cores!

Supplies Needed

Spent Rolls of Tape (any kind as long as it fits your wrist)
Scissors/Cutter (or pinking shears if you prefer designed edges)
Decoupage Medium or Glue
Clear Gloss Varnish
Fabric Scraps, Quilt Pattern Cut-outs, Turkish Rug Pattern Cut-outs, Map Cut-outs
Sponge Brush/Paint Brush

How To

Fabric Bangles

Cut the fabric scraps into small squares or triangles. I prefer to work on all random red and pink scraps. As much as possible, try to look for thinner fabrics with finer motifs so that if you adhere them to your bangles, the prints would still be visible.

Apply decoupage glue to the surface of the spent tape roll then carefully layer the fabric squares. Make certain that the fabrics wrap around the edges and extend to the inside core covering the entire rim. Finish the inside of the bangle by painting it with any acrylic paint that matches your design. I used lilac for this project. Use as many coats depending on how smooth you would wish the interior to be. Once both sides are dry, paint with several coats of varnish for durability.

Faux Turkish Rug and Quilt Pattern Bangles

I’m a regular to bookshops that offer back issues of magazines and vintage books. I get magazines featuring all kinds of crafty things. Quilting patterns, gardening, wallpaper samples, rug patters and atlases are my favorite things to buy. Sometimes I get lucky finds of old worn out books. Lucky for me because I can use the pages in decoupage projects for a vintage look and feel. The hardbound covers are just as useful. I recycle them to make scrapbook, notebook covers. and recipe albums.

Two recycled bangles were decoupaged with designs from quilting and rug magazines. One with photos of Turkish rugs that I cut into small triangles. The other one I covered with earth toned quilting patterns. Finished, sealed and glazed with varnish.

Recycled Map Bangle

Decoupaged with a map of Luzon, Philippines. A great idea of making a totally green souvenir from a place you dearly love. Buy a map and show off a place you visited in one charming decoupaged map bracelet.

Adorn your wrist with these recycled bangles…simple yet punchy at the same time!

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Anonymous said...

What kind of varnish should I use?

YanniCreations said...

Hi thank you for dropping by. You could actually use any type of varnish. As long as the fabric or paper is sealed properly (with glue or acrylic sealer), the varnish you'll use won't seep in.

Valspar Clear gloss is more expensive but with great result. Make sure to dry it very well.

Hope this helps.