Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Decoupaged Coffee Box Pen Organizer Movie Themed

This movie themed upcycled coffee box has been decoupaged with a vintage film design gift wrap. The item is triple glazed and sealed for durability. It is absolutely an awesome pen and pencil holder especially for someone who loves classic movies.

You can also create your own unique pen organizers. If you love buying coffee sachets in paper boxes, don’t throw the containers away. You may decide to simply wrap it with paper or fabric but if you wish to make it more durable and vintage looking, I suggest you use decoupage. This technique is actually pretty simple. If you can cut and paste, you already know most of the procedure involved.

1. To start, line the inside with paper cut outs the same sizes as the sides of the box you are decorating. Wrap it with masking tape to make it more sturdy.

2. You might want to pick a theme depending on your favorites or interest. Look for pictures from magazines, maps, pretty paper napkins, stamps, fabrics, music sheets, comic books, or patterns. It should be fairly thin so that your medium will hold well.

3. Brush your decoupage medium (Mod Podge or watered down Elmer’s Glue) onto the box surface or to the back of the image itself. Glue down your first layer of images then brush with a coat of decoupage glue. Add more images as you please. If you are done, apply a generous amount of glue to avoid air bubbles or lumps. Let dry.

4. Seal the project with at least three coats of varnish.

5. Appreciate your piece!

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