Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Papemelroti’s recycled kraft paper dolls up my decoupage designs!

Here’s another serving of recycling handiwork. In this particular project, I used original Papemelroti wrappers which are made of 100% recycled kraft paper. I appreciate how Papemelroti promotes recycling by offering a wide selection of earth-friendly products. I frequently buy dozens of their different designs. I love using them in my decoupage projects. The Drama motif that I used has interesting and unique red and black patterns.

Baby food boxes (in this case Cerelac cartons) can be decoupaged to make gift boxes or organizers. ). I cut out a portion of one side and purposely left it that way, no top . I brushed it with slightly thinned glue, attached the paper cut- outs, applied another generous amount of glue to seal. I then finished it with several coats of semco acrylic varnish. To showcase, I lined up my decoupaged boxes in a display cabinet with some of my craft materials stored in each of them (ribbons, laces, faux flowers, pressed leaves, blings, charms, and shells).

I upcycled baby milk formula cans using the same technique. Wash the tin with warm sudsy water to remove left over milk powder. Allow it to dry properly before proceeding. You can now transform it to a decorative storage. I love displaying my cute stuff toys with half their upper parts peeping out of the can.

Last in this set is a decoupaged utility box. I turned an ordinary playing card box into a decorative storage for colorful beads.

(click images to appreciate detail)

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