Sunday, June 20, 2010

Recycled Decorative Cardboard Tube or Tissue Paper Roll (Special Treat Holder, Gift Tube or Favor Basket)

Save some Cash…Reuse your Trash!
With the rising environmental concerns on proper garbage management, most societies are serious in their campaign of encouraging recycling. We can help in countless simple ways starting with our loads of common household items. One thing we can start with is a tissue paper roll. There are a lot of projects you can create when the tissue is gone.

Cardboard tube is sturdy enough to hold various items so before throwing it away think again. I have some great ideas on how to reuse paper rolls. The possibilities are endless, you may even discover other ways as you go along.

Favour or gift baskets for any occasion

Cut the tissue roll in half to make two equal rings Trace one opening of the tube onto a paper cardboard to make a perfect fit when attached. Cut the circle out. Securely tape or glue on one of the ends of the roll. This will make a sturdy base for the basket.

Cover the outside of the tissue roll with any materials of your choice. You may use paper, fabric or natural woven material to simulate an original woven basket.

To make the handle, punch a hole close to the rim on each side making sure the holes are directly across from each other. Choose a twine, cotton rope, wired ribbon, raffia or woven pandan leaves. Insert both ends through the holes Simply knot the ends for a natural look or fold then hot glue beads or button to hide the lump.

Embellish your finished tissue roll basket with ribbons, flowers, buttons or charms.

Fill it with chocolates, candies, real quail eggs for Easter, potpourri or any cuties. Great for give aways.

Special Treat Holder or Gift Tube

Instead of buying expensive boxes to hold cutie gifts such as candies, chocolates, hankies, cute towels, ties and other accessories, why not create your own. The special gift tube that you will make will not only serve as a gift wrap but will soon double as a decorative storage once the goodies are consumed.

Shut one end with a circle cut out from a cardboard. Make the lid by circling around the opening of a jar or bottle onto a cardboard. Make sure that the circle is slightly wider than the end of the tissue roll. Cut a strip of bendable cardboard. Attach both ends of the strip to fit around the circle that you made earlier. If it’s way to wide, simply cut it out. Attach the ring vertically around the circle. You now have a lid for the tube.

Use decorative paper, fabrics and other embellishment on the finished item including the top . If you plan to put candies or chocolates, cover the inside of the tissue roll with foil otherwise leave it plain. More ornaments can be glued on the lid to come up with a more striking piece. The finished product is a pretty gift in itself.

For a simpler gift tube simply cover the roll with any material of choice. Fill it with goodies or insert a rolled hanky or mini towel and wrap with wrapping paper, tie the ends with a ribbon and attach a nice tag.

Earth Inspired

Embellished with natural birch wood flower, corrugated board, leather cord and brown woven mat.


The lid is made of corrugated board and decorated with shells. The top and bottom are secured with brown craft paper twine.

Choco Party

Secured with corrugated board and embellished with a party theme handmade cardstock. The cards are kontted using abaca cord.

Pretty in Blue

Wrapped in paper with fabric inspired flower design. Decorated with woven blue and yellow green mat. Topped with blue birch wood flower, blue faux decorative butterfly, pressed fern and mini paper flowers.

Laced Gift Tube
Decorated with pure white lace, peach lace on the lid and embellished the top with embroidered peach flowers and handmade cardstock bouquet and three glass beads.

Go Green

Decorated with green paper twine, green and gold ribbon on the rim and tin flower bouquet. The top is made of green corrugated board.


Cabootique said...

I love this idea, they look so cute, and I'm always looking for new ways to recycle items!

Shore Debris said...

Those are some great ideas! I saw a post last year about making napkin rings (with decoupage glue) out of the towel rolls so I've been saving them for about a year now. Need to get started :)

VeganCraftastic said...

Cute idea!

Valerie said...

Great ideas! I've not done something like this (decorating/decoupaging tissue boxes and towel rolls) since I was a child, but your ideas have inspired me!

redchuckstress said...

awesome! id love to get a gift in theses.! found you on esty forums by the way!

Belly Charms said...

Very cool ideas. I am following you back. Thanks and have a great weekend.


Brandy said...

These are adorable. Thanks for joining Admirer Monday!

Living on Love and Cents said...

WOW! THat is awesome! Thank you! We also have TONS of formula cans that I just know we can do "something " with. That is a fabulous idea! I am now following you from Admirer Monday! Heather

frenchieliza said...

You have some really wonderful ideas and some beautiful things! Following you back from Admirer Monday. Thanks for visiting The Foodie Mommie!

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