Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teddy and Friends in a Tin

Stuffed animals are such a classic and will never go out of style. They are also popular with all age groups, from children, to teens and even adults. They are soft, cuddly, lovable and comforting. They come in many faces, many names, sizes and designs and I for one, collect almost any kind. The big ones I use to baby proof my little boy's room especially the wall side of his bed and for the cute ones, I love displaying them peeping in my rows of decoupaged recycled tins.
These tins are empty formula milk cans. My son consumed quite a number of them and still piling. The big cans are used to organize rolled wrappers, craft papers etc. The ones I decoupaged are smaller, just roomy enough to accommodate Teddy and his friends.

Here's how To:

Choose the paper you want to decorate your tins with. I have different kinds of decorative paper so i used a different theme for each can. I have a vintage themed one, an autumn design, a papemelroti drama, a gold coin in red background, a vintage map inspired craft paper and many more.

Cut them into small squares.

Apply decoupage glue on the surface of the tin then start adhering your paper cut outs until the entire surface is covered. Let your creativity flow...you arrange the papers in a way that pleases you.

Let dry completely.

Apply varnish at least 3 times to seal making sure to let each layer dry before applying the next. You will be surprised with the result. The images/paper cutouts looks inlaid and as if they were painted on the surface and not adhered upon.


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