Saturday, November 28, 2009

Decoupage Memory Box with Postage Stamps and Maps

I started collecting stamps way back in third grade. Our class adviser at that time encouraged us to collect and keep stamps as a hobby.. She showed us beautifully handcrafted stamp albums with canceled stamps, some dated way back before the second world war. As a child who was fond of history and geography, I was fascinated by postage stamps from around the world. I even asked my friends and relatives abroad to collect stamps for me. So aside from the letters that I frequently received, I was also able to accumulate heaps of colorful stamps from around the world, foreign and domestic, in all shapes and sizes, colors and value. With all the canceled stamps that I collected and sorted, I was just contented on keeping them in an album. I really never figured out how else to use them. However, with the art of decoupage, I finally found a way to incorporate them in my craft projects. So along with my collection of paper flags and maps, I am now able to create wonderful pieces especially with a travel theme.

The project I’m sharing is quick, easy and with just minimal elements so if you have piles of stamps and you couldn’t quite figure out what to do with them ,you can start with a simple decoupage memory box It is both lightweight and inexpensive yet functional. This is a wonderful way too to display your stamps especially if they have really pretty motifs. You can gradually advance as you perfect your craft, from simple boxes, you can work with dressers, coffee tables, trays, chests and trunks. A decoupaged suitcase or traveling bag would be cool too.

Supplies Needed

Square cardboard box, wooden box or any box with a lid
A good craft decoupage glue (Elmer's Glue-all or any inexpensive clear glue)
Two brushes, one for the glue and one for the varnish or glaze
Postage stamps of your choice.
Maps of your choice
Clear gloss varnish or glaze
Clean damp rags, newspapers or manila paper

How To Stamp Decoupage

Work on the lid first. Brush decoupage mixture onto the surface of the box. Goop up the back of the stamp as well. Carefully adhere each stamp on the box. arranging it the way you wish. Smoothen out, making sure there are no air bubbles.. Apply one thin coat of glue to the surface of the finished design .Allow to dry. Apply now at least five coats of gloss varnish letting the coats to dry between each new addition of glaze. Set aside and work on the base half.

Sweep glue onto each surface of the bottom half of the box so that it is well-coated but not slathered. Begin attaching the map cut outs on all four sides Get rid of blobs and wrinkles by gently pressing your fingers from center toward ends Apply another light coat of glue and let dry Once the maps are well-set, then seal it with varnish making sure to dry in turn.
When you are satisfied with how the box turned out, you may choose to line it with felt, fabric, velvet, drawer liner or anything else you think would match your motif. This delightful decoupage memory box is apt to hold photos, stationery, or travel keepsakes like tickets and other mementos.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I was looking for inspiration to cover my box of greeting cards. And your idea is excellent. I too used to collect stamps!